Opera10.51瀏覽器充分利用Windows 7 



Opera 10.51 makes the most of new features introduced in Windows 7. See how you can make the most of these features with Opera's best-in-class integration.

Windows 7 was released by Microsoft last October, bringing a host of improvements and optimizations to its poorly received Windows Vista operating system. In general, most people who have used Windows 7 consider it a significant improvement over Windows Vista, and many have said that it is Microsoft's best version of Windows yet.

Aside from merely optimizations, Windows 7 brings many enhancements to the user interface, allowing one to use a Windows computer more efficiently. Some of these enhancements, however, must be supported by the application for them to work.

With Opera 10.50 (and subsequently 10.51), Opera now takes full advantage of these features.

Opera Windows 7 feature support
High resolution icons

With Windows 7 and Vista, you can now use high resolution icons throughout the interface that scale very nicely. This looks great on smaller, very high resolution displays. Opera uses such icons, allowing them to be scaled nicely to any size desired. Applications that haven't yet gotten with the times have a traditional icon shown in a large box.


Aero transparency effects

Also introduced in Windows Vista, Windows 7 extends support for Aero transparency. Opera uses this effectively with a streamlined, translucent title bar that integrates page tabs into it. Inactive tabs are also slightly translucent. The status bar at the bottom of the browser window also makes use of transparency to round out Opera's great looks.


Aero Peek support

In Windows 7, hovering over a taskbar icon shows a preview of the program window. By hovering over the preview, you can see the full view of that Window. Opera makes use of the extended functionality of Aero Peek which shows you all of your tabs as a preview thumbnail, and allows you to preview them, and then navigate directly to that tab by clicking on it. Note also that in combined mode, you will see the buttons "stack" as you open more than one tab.


If you have too many tabs open to fit nicely, Opera provide you with a text view of your tabs in Aero peek.


For those who dislike this feature, the additional thumbnails can be disabled by clicking this link, unchecking the setting, and saving: opera:config#UserPrefs|UseWindows7TaskbarThumbnails

Jump Lists

When you right click on a taskbar button in Windows 7, instead of the traditional window menu, you now get a Jump List. The jump list allows you to quickly open common pages, Speed Dial pages, and new regular or private tabs. (You can still get the classic window menu that shows move, size, minimize, etc. by shift+right-clicking the taskbar button.)


Download progress in taskbar icon

When downloading files in Opera, you can see the progress of your download highlighted right in the taskbar button. Note that in the combined button mode, you can also see a stack that represents how many tabs are open (only up to three layers actually show for stacks in Windows 7)

downloading_large.png downloading_small.png

New mail icon is shown in the taskbar button

If you're using Opera's mail client, you can now see that you have new mail right in the taskbar button icon


As you can see, Opera has gone a long way to ensure that users can make the most of Windows 7 with their Web browser. Yet another example of how Opera tends to be a step ahead.

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